Anthropologie’s (Too Cute to Be Just) Dishtowels

Anthropologie dishtowels

Cotton dishtowels, 28″ long by 21″ wide, from Anthropologie.


Dacia Ray shares a great idea for making the most of Anthropologie’s dishtowels, which might be too precious to use for their intended purpose. Try repurposing the dishtowels to use as a sewing machine cover like the one shown at Dacia Ray, or maybe as a pillow or for decorating a child’s room. Many of the dishtowels have cute appliques or embroidery so they would be perfect for kids.


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    Oh my, I love Anthropologie! And I agree, I can’t see wiping my garlicky hands on one of those towels. The pillow idea is great. This is one of my new favorite blogs! (found on the Purl Bee)

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