How to Make Twisted Fringe for Scarves and Wraps

DIY Twisted Fringe on a Scarf

Twisted fringe on the end of a wrap.


While I’ve shown fringe on a sarong and a scarf already, I haven’t covered how to make the most popular type of fringe, the twisted fringe.

First, section off the loose fringe into evenly spaced intervals. Starting at one side of the scarf, divide the first section of fringe in half and twist one of the halves until it starts to kink. Separately twist the other half in the same direction until it starts to kink. See Diagram 1.

Diagram for DIY twisted fringe  on a scarf or wrap

Diagram 1

When the two halves are twisted, hold them together at the ends and twist them together in the opposite direction, as shown in Diagram 2.

Diagram for DIY twisted fringe or scarf

Diagram 2

Finish by knotting the twisted fringe close to the end. Repeat on remaining sections of fringe.

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