Top 7 Tutorials for Making Your Own Shopping Tote

Canvas Bag

Update your canvas tote bag collection (I know you’re not using plastic bags at the grocery store anymore) with one you made yourself. Here are the top 7 tote bag tutorials on the web.

Singlet-Style Shopping Bag, based on the design of the regular plastic grocery bag. This one is receiving much love on Craftster right now.

Two-Hour Tote Bag, perfect for some standard canvas fabric and, for the straps, nylon webbing.

Curved Gusset Bag, just see how much stuff you can fit in it!

Lotta Jansdotter’s tote bag from her book Simple Sewing, a smaller bag with a contrast fabric bottom.

Martha Stewart’s tote bag, the largest bag in the group. She actually calls it a beach bag, but it would work for any kind of serious hauling.

Morsbag, no frills, just the standard canvas bag. There is even an animated version of the instructions, so it’s a cinch to follow.

And, finally, a knitted tote bag for smaller loads. Yes, it has holes, but it’s too pretty to pass up so just don’t buy any grapes.

If you know of other great tote bag tutorials, let me know about it in the comments.


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    Hey thanks for the link!
    I’ll add your handy blog to my crafting resources on my blog.
    Have yourself a lovely weekend!
    Lisa (the reusable bag lady. Heh!) X

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